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Resolve-IT is an IT solutions company specializing in IT Infrastructure, Web based and mobile applications. With us customer satisfaction is a top priority, we deliver solutions that go beyond the expectations of the customer.

Watch this space for news on our latest security related project.

The greatest issue any company faces currently is that passwords are no longer a secure way to keep your company information secure. Employees use simple to guess passwords, write them on a piece of paper and leave that paper on their desk or share passwords with collegues.

This solution is aimed at solving these issue and making for better overall information security compliance.

Narrowcasting is a great tool if used correctly and seeing that there are many unutilized waiting spaces around the globe this could be a great platform for advertising.

The greatest issue a trainer faces is that the retentioin of knowledge gained by trainees is extreemely low. Resolve-IT has developed a product that will not only increase the retention of knowledge gained but will keep the trainer in the mind of the trainees for an extended period after the training is completed.